Thomas Nelson
Kitchen Table Advisors
Regional Director
Guinda, California
Thomas directs Kitchen Table Advisors' activities to fuel the economic viability of small farms in Yolo and Solano counties, California. He has devoted his life to building sustainable food systems that connect rural and urban areas. He is passionate about the ongoing economic and environmental viability of farming communities, and has lived at Full Belly Farm in the Capay Valley since 1995.

Thomas is the president and founder of Capay Valley Farm Shop, a community-owned social enterprise that aggregates and distributes local, seasonal food from 40 small and mid-sized family farms in northern California. He earned his MBA at UC Davis, with a focus on social entrepreneurship. Through Kitchen Table Advisors, Thomas is thrilled to invest his time helping small, sustainable farms build their businesses.
Environmental sustainability
Human equity
Multi-level resiliency
Economic viability
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