Andrea O Suilleabhain
Partnership for the Public Good
Executive Director
Buffalo, New York
Andrea Ó Súilleabháin is Executive Director at Partnership for the Public Good, a community-based think tank with 290 partner organizations from across Buffalo-Niagara. She leads PPG’s work on criminal justice reform and community policing, immigrant rights and language access policies, and the Community Agenda – an annual democratic process to select the top ten ways to advance equality, sustainability, and cultural vibrancy in the region. Previously, Andrea was a Research Fellow at the International Peace Institute in New York, focused on bringing community voices to United Nations policymaking and increasing women’s participation in peace talks. Her research on inclusive peacemaking helped to change United Nations policy and United States law, and has been cited by Foreign Policy, The Guardian, PBS, and more. Andrea has worked as a lawyer on refugee cases in the US and Ireland, on ending the death penalty in the state of Indiana, and on peacebuilding in countries from South Africa to Sri Lanka. She holds a Juris Doctor from New York University School of Law and a BA in Political Science and Peace Studies from the University of Notre Dame.
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