Alexa Kaczmarski
Corporate Accountability
Senior Organizer
10 Milk Street Suite 610, Massachusetts
As a senior organizer for the food campaign at Corporate Accountability, Alexa is taking on the corporate control of food that corporations like Bayer/Monsanto and McDonald’s represent. She works with activists, educators, labor unions, health professionals, and other constituencies to challenge McDonald’s abuse of our food system and end its marketing to children and abusive labor practices.

Prior to joining staff, Alexa worked as a Green Corps organizer. In that position, she launched and led grassroots campaigns in Seattle, Baltimore, and Bethlehem, Pennsylvania to challenge antibiotic overuse on factory farms, stop chicken waste from running into the Chesapeake Bay, and stop the use of harmful chemicals that are decimating bee populations. She studied environmental studies and sustainable food systems at Brown University.
Racial Equity
Fair Labor
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