Silvia Abel-Caines
Organic Valley
Hanover Park, Illinois
Dr. Silvia Abel-Caines, DVM, PhD
Dr. Silvia Abel-Caines is a Veterinarian with a PhD in Ruminant Nutrition, who has collaborated in researches in dairy calf management and milk fatty acid profile. She is a certified grazing planner, and actively volunteers to assist farmer-owned dairy cooperatives in South America, Europe and Africa. In her presentations she combines the knowledge from experienced organic, pasture-based farmers with her technical training. She provides practical information that highlights the link between soil health, plant diversity, animal health and healthy foods for humans to thrive on.
She is currently the Staff Ruminant Nutritionist for Organic Valley, the largest farmer-owned cooperative of organic dairy farmers in the United States.
She resides in Illinois with her husband, 3 teenage children and a small flock of backyard chickens.
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