Dara Cooper
National Black Food and Justice Alliance
Atlanta, Georgia
Based in Atlanta and family in Jackson, MS, Dara Cooper is a national organizer with the National Black Food and Justice Alliance (NBFJA), an alliance of Black led organizations working towards national Black food sovereignty and land justice. She is also an anchor team member of the HEAL (Health Environment Agriculture and Labor) Food Alliance, a cross sector alliance of organizations working to deeply transform our unjust food system.

Dara serves on the leadership team for the Movement for Black Lives policy table, working to link the struggle against mass police and state violence with environmental, health and nutritional violence against Black people. In August of 2016, the Movement for Black Lives’ policy table introduced a Vision for Black Lives policy document providing a comprehensive set of policy demands from over 50 contributing organizations.

Dara is the former director of the WK Kellogg funded NYC Food and Fitness Partnership in Brooklyn, NY where she worked on creating and strengthening farmers markets for Black farmers, developing a community based local micro food hub framework and creating a farm to headstart program in Brooklyn partnering with Corbin Hill Food Project, a local food hub. Prior to this work, Dara led the launch and expansion of Fresh Moves (Chicago), an award winning mobile produce market with community health programming, which quickly became a nationally recognized model for healthy food distribution and community based self-determination and empowerment.
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