Edwin Marty
City of Austin Office of Sustainability
Food Policy Manager
Austin, Texas
Edwin Marty is the City of Austin’s first Food Policy Manager. He has consulted on numerous urban farm projects around the country, helped establish the Alabama Sustainable Agriculture Network, and co-authored a book about urban farming in America called Breaking Through Concrete, published by University of California Press.

Edwin is responsible for advancing initiatives that support the creation of a healthy and just local food system for Austin. In that capacity he:

- Bridges and connects City departmental programs, policies, and procedures that impact the local food system to create alignment and optimize outcomes.
- Engages with community members and organizations to inform neighborhood food system strategic planning and connect stakeholders with City resources.
- Serves as the City’s staff liaison – and food policy expert – to the Sustainable Food Policy Board.
- Works to raise awareness about food-related issues, motivate positive action to improve long-term health, and promote initiatives to strengthen community resilience.

Prior to joining the City of Austin’s Office of Sustainability, Edwin worked for Southern Living Magazine as a garden writer and was the founder and director of a non-profit called Jones Valley Teaching Farm located in in Birmingham, Alabama. He was also the Director of the non-profit urban farm in Montgomery called EAT South.

Edwin earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Oregon and completed an “Apprenticeship in Agroecology” from the University of California, Santa Cruz. He went on to work on sustainable farming projects around the world, including Mexico, Mongolia, Australia, and Chile.
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