Video Gallery


  1. Alexa Delwiche, The Center for Good Food Purchasing Overview: alexa-delwiche_center-for-good-food-purchasing.pptx
  2. Alyse Festenstein, Bon Appetit Management Company, Values Based Contracting: alyse-festenstein_values-based-contracting
  3. Ann Cooper, Boulder Valley School District, Animal Welfare and Sustainability: boulder-valley-school-district_animal-welfare-and-environmental-sustainability
  4. Andrew deCoriolis, Farm Forward, Animal Welfare and Sustainability: farm-forward_animal-welfare-and-environmental-sustainability
  5. Douglass Sims, NRDC, High Road Procurement Policies: high-road-power-of-procurement-190516
  6. Elizabeth Reynoso, Living Cities, Values Based Contracting: living-cities_elizabeth-reynoso_equity-in-contracting
  7. Helene York, Guckenheimer, Dinner Keynote: helene-york_dinner-keynote
  8. Jennifer Obadia, Health Care Without Harm, Values Based Contracting: jennifer-obadia_processors-collective_forward-contracts_hcwh_5.2019
  9. Moving the Needle Closing Plenary, Cohort Breakouts: moving-the-needle-cohort-breakouts
  10. Nicole Ledoux, 88 Acres, Animal Welfare and Sustainability: nicole-ledoux-88-acres_animal-welfare-and-environmental-sustainability
  11. Nicole Scarangello, NYC Dept. of Education, Animal Welfare and Sustainability: nyc-department-of-education_animal-welfare-and-environmental-sustainability
  12. Ricardo Salvador, Union of Concerned Scientists, Lunch Keynote: ricardo-salvador_equity-in-the-food-system
  13. Tiffany Cheung, Center for Good Food Purchasing, Animal Welfare and Sustainability Tiffany Cheung-animal-welfare-and-environmental-sustainability.pdf
  14. Tim Crosby, Thread Fund, Filling the Finance Gaps: tim-crosby_financing-gap.pptx
  15. Tina Castro, Avivar Capital, Filling the Finance Gaps: tina-castro_financing-gap.pptx
  16. Vanessa Zajfen, Good Food Purchasing Program Training: power-of-procurement-gfpp-training_for-wider-circulation
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