The Center for Good Food Purchasing uses the power of procurement to create a transparent and equitable food system built on five core values: local economies, health, a valued workforce, animal welfare, and environmental sustainability.. We do this through the nationally-networked adoption and implementation of the Good Food Purchasing Program by major institutions.

The Center manages the Good Food Purchasing Program, which works with institutions to establish supply chain transparency from farm to fork and shift towards a values-based purchasing model. The Center also works with national partners and local grassroots coalitions in cities across the United States to build a cohesive movement in support of Good Food purchasing. Together with these important allies, as of the fall of 2018, 28 institutions in 14 major U.S. cities have committed to the Good Food Purchasing Program. Together these 28 institutions spend more than $900 million on food each year.

In the Summit Power of Procurement: Good Food for our Future, we invite you to expand this national conversation and explore how we can link our regional commitments toward a Good Food system that is fair, sustainable, healthy and affordable for all.

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